Accounting & Tax

At KG Professional we are excited to offer something that no other beauty provider offers. Accounting and tax services.

Let us introduce you to Ria-Jayne…

Ria is a very experienced award winning accountant that is also a beauty therapist. Ria wanted to help people within our industry and specialise in helping us budding lash artists and beauty therapist start their businesses properly.

Ria is offering Bespoke Tax Accounting services to help you with all your business and self employed needs. Whether that is ongoing or advice. Having someone that understands your business is a huge plus!

We are also holding workshops and online masterminds within KG Professional, which are worth their weight in gold for people starting a business or in business. Whether your opening a salon or doing lashes as an extra income, you have to record everything and get it right.

What we cover in the workshop:

  • ‘How to increase turnover by organising your accounts’ (time is money theory)
  • ‘How expenses reduce taxable income and how to claim them’
  • ‘How to avoid penalties and fines from HMRC’
  • ‘How to save on tax’

What we cover in an online mastermind:

  • Best way of bookkeeping
  • Employment Vs Self-employment
  • What should you register as, partnership, Limited company etc
  • Flat rate scheme or standard rate VAT
  • Beating that VAT threshold
  • Way’s to improve your profit
  • Cashflow forecast
  • Business plan

Next course: 7th October 2019