Volume/Russian Eyelash Extension Course

Consultation – ModuleĀ 7


Client consultation is a vital part of the overall process. It introduces the therapist to the client an is the primary evaluation phase. Time should be taken to ensure the client consultation is carried out thoroughly. Make sure you know exactly what your client is after and what type of look you think your client will suit.

Why fill out a consultation form?

  • Consultation card will give you client details for ongoing marketing.
  • Will show if they have any medical history that will effect the treatment.
  • Client signature
  • Insurance proposes
  • Find out exactly what the client wants

Please see in your kit client consultation forms.

NEVER perform a treatment without doing a consultation and getting your client to sign the form.

Each time your client comes back you can update the form.

As a business you need to store these for 5 years before disposing.

Eyelash Extensions Client Treatment Card