Classic Semi Permanent Eyelash Course

Legal Requirements – ModuleĀ 16

Legal Requirements

Client Consultation

Client record cards must be securely stored and updated at every visit. Record cards must be kept for five years. For clients under the age of 18, the record card should be stored until they reach their 21st birthday.

If client record cards are stored electronically they must be password protected. Individual client records must be available for them to view if requested. Information stored must be accurate and necessary for the service provided.

Dress Code

The therapist must wear suitable, washable clothing that meets the individual salon requirements. If you are working for yourself, then this is your choice but to stay professional.

New eye pads must be used for every client.

Sanitise hands before starting treatment and after treatment.

Infection control and Hygiene

The therapist must wash hands before and after treatment.

Open wounds and cuts should be disinfected/covered. All re-usable tools should be cleaned and disinfected after.

Use clean towels for each client.

All disposable PPE must be disposed of immediately after.

Client clothing must be protected throughout the treatment.

Waste Disposal

It is important that the therapist contacts the local authority to find out the specific guidelines for disposal of waste products.

Non-contaminated waste (cotton wool and paper towels) should be disposed of in the normal rubbish.

Use of products

Products must be used in line with manufacturer’s instructions.

Client care

Clients clothing must be protected.

Make sure client is comfortable.