Classic Semi Permanent Eyelash Course

Troubleshooting – Module 11


If you have any clients that lose their lashes faster than normal or any problems, its best to get the client back in and look at their lashes yourself.

Reasons for lashes to fall out:

  • Natural lash shred – You will know if its the shred by finding out if the natural lash is attached to the extension.  I would ask the client – Was your natural lash attached? If your client says yes, then there is nothing you can do as that is down to the natural eyelash cycle.
  • Client has got them wet within 48 hours.
  • Client has used oily products or not followed other aftercare instructions.
  • You haven’t applied enough glue. If your clients lashes are falling out without a natural lash, this may be the case.
  • Lash didn’t bond enough. If the extension isn’t laying flat to the natural lash the extension might not be bonded well.
  • Extension too heavy for the natural lash. If you are using thicknesses above 0.15 they will be to heavy. If your client has very weak lashes, you may have to use 0.10 or 0.12.
  • Naturally very oily lashes. This is rare – But some people have very natural lashes, so extensions will not last on them.

Cleaning lashes:

It is important for your client to clean their eyelash extensions. We recommend twice a week depending how much make-up they wear.

To clean lashes we recommend stocking Lash Cleansing products to retail to your clients. Or making up Lash shampoo yourself for clients to take away. Which we do at KG Salons.

Lash shampoo is baby shampoo and water mixed together. You only need a couple of drops of shampoo. Client would use cleansing brush and the shampoo to clean over lashes.  You can also do this on your clients before their maintenance if needed.

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