PreJades have launched at KG Professional

PreJades have launched at KG Professional

We are so excited to launch the collaboration with PreJades by Jade Jones.

After our podcast interview on The Life Of KG about pre mades and how the industry is fast moving we are happy to hold our hands up to say we are missing a place in the industry when it comes to pre mades and there is a market for them.

After lots of research and thinking we decided, why launch branded KG pre mades when we can go with the best pre mades in the industry. Collaboration over competition!

KG Professional will be stocking PreJades by the end of the week so we can cater for all lash artists needs ❤️

Tips for using PreJades:

When removing the lashes from the strip we recommend using a boot tweezer and gripping low on the lash close to the strip, pull the lashes towards you gently (with long stem you will need to be very careful) and the fan will remove from the strip. When dipping into the glue make sure you are going in at a 90 degree angle, only placing the tip of the base into the glue.

Please be aware you will need to isolate slightly longer with premade fans.

All PreJades are heat bonded, cruelty free lashes made from synthetic PBT

Professional use only

After research into weights and diameters of lashes we would recommend a 5D fan in 0.07mm is equivalent to a Classic 0.15mm lash, if you are using PreJade premade fans.

About the Author:

Entrepreneur, Multi award winning Lash Artist and Salon. Educator, Owner/Founder of KG Salon and KG Professional. Business coach and mentor.

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