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    The perfect starter tray. 1 tray of PreJades will do 1-2 full sets of eyelash extensions depending on the volume of your client’s natural eyelashes. If your client has very full naturals, you will use closer to one full tray. Mixed dimension trays come in 7/8mm – 13mm ranging from 3d to 5d, allowing you to blend your fans creating a beautiful set of lashes whilst also looking after the lash health. Short Stem – will work with all natural lashes. We personally like them for sparse lashes and inners and outers. It is a slightly wider fan 3D – 8mm 4D – 9mm 5D – 10-13mm Narrow Stem – gives density and a more uniformed look. Good for most lash lines 3D – 7-8mm 4D – 9mm 5D – 10-13mm Long Stem – recommended for an eyeliner effect. For those with lots of natural lashes. 3D – 8mm 4D – 9mm 5D – 10-13mm   When removing the lashes from the strip we recommend using a boot tweezer and gripping low on the lash close to the strip, pull the lashes towards you gently (with long stem you will need to be very careful) and the fan will remove from the strip. When dipping into the glue make sure you are going in at a 90 degree angle, only placing the tip of the base into the glue. Please be aware you will need to isolate slightly longer with premade fans.   All PreJades are heat bonded, cruelty free lashes made from synthetic PBT Professional use only After research into weights and diameters of lashes we would recommend a 5D fan in 0.07mm is equivalent to a Classic 0.15mm lash, if you are using PreJade premade fans.