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KG Sensitive Glue


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This glue is fabulous for beginners or your clients that are sensitive.

Drying time – 6+ seconds. No fumes. Thick consistency. 2 weeks or longer hold time.

Manufactured using the highest quality medically approved ingredients. It is ISO medical approved. Please wear mask at all times.

In the 5ml bottles you can perform between 50-100 procedures depending how much you use.

Please remember to patch test client 48 hours before treatment. Once opened, store in a cool dry room, upright.

Tips for KG glue:

  • Shake for 60 seconds before use
  • Re-apply on jade stone every 20 minutes
  • Store in a cool/dark room
  • Make sure you keep lid on tight
  • Keep bottle up right when not in use
  • Best used at humidity 50-70%
  • Best used at temperature 25-28

Shelf life of 1 year if unopened. Once opened 2 months.


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