We have expanded even more!

We have expanded even more!

In total now we have five academies across the UK to make it easier for students to be able to get to us.


We have:

Katie & Carolanne covering Bedfordshire

Hayley Mountjoy-Hicks covering Gloucestershire

Jasmine Tempest covering Warwickshire

Lois Williamson covering Essex

Jenna Wilson covering Southampton

Our experienced trainers are excited to teach you all their skills and knowledge they know and the KG way of lashing.


If you are interested in joining the lash industry or you are already a lash artist and want to learn Russian Volume or Super Volume, get in touch today.

About the Author:

Entrepreneur, Multi award winning Lash Artist and Salon. Educator, Owner/Founder of KG Salon and KG Professional. Business coach and mentor.

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